The Lake of Illumination

My dad's first book! A "sci-philosophy" adventure into the jungles of South America to search for a powerful metaphysical relic.

The MonumentsFirst Law of Mad Science

Two excellent graphic novels by my friend Oliver Mertz and his co-creators!

The Disasters

Micah's comic book about a D-list troupe of supervillains!


(these are other stories by Deej, unrelated to the Quantum Marmalade narrative)

The Long Dark

A broody dystopian sci-fi tale in which a man walks home from work.


A futuristic soldier grapples with the realities of his world.

Illogical Grace

An android ponders her life and purpose.

Old Hob

An old barn in western Iowa contains the entirety of Hell.


An old refrigerator has strong opinions about the TV show Cheers.

Lay Your Troubles Down

A man watches a box.

The Marigold Murders

Mary Gold and Gary Old converse about murder.