"The Grandpappy of Xeno-political Rap," Kya Vega is known for writing about complex political and historical topics, tracing the through-line of human emigration as it interacts with myriad different civilizations, nations, species, and cultures. Recently, he has been fascinated with Ee’ezzo, and the history of ethnic conflict between E’dolo and Bazi, being both proud of our human ability to bond with other peoples, and yet also critical of our tendency to get pulled, almost inevitably it seems, into wars.⁠

Knick Knack Silverback

Kya Vega

Kya's song title refers to E'dolo's highest-ranking infantry soldiers, Silverbacks, who wear heavy armor systems that shoot poison gas pellets onto the battlefield. In this song, Kya explores the terrors of war and the experience of humans as they continue to fight across different planets and campaigns. This is most exemplified by the line:

"The nay-sayers play the same games that they

Know that we know, that we know no ends, Lord"

Kya includes two of humanities most infamous post-Diaspora military catastrophes -- Bynari and Gamma Pyree -- both of which claimed casualties in the millions. He also ties these ideas back deep into human history, citing ancient cultural references such as ET, Darth Vader, and Macbeth. These signal the cyclical nature of conflict and its frustratingly common presence in the trajectory of our species.

Imma lay down this lonely road I see

Kizee eyes are drillin’ fees into my irises

These trees speak low and follow down the roads

Well known growing pains, comfortably insane

Knick knack, Silverback

You know not what you do, ol’ chap


Knick knack, Silverback

The wick Blackened War is quick’n back for more

With thicker cannon roars, your flak jackets tore

Through ramshackled doors, break and wake, reborn

Human-kizee critter corps, rifles fire forced reports

Out pours ya gore, like arrows from a centaur

Alpha Centauri, Bynari, never said they were sorry

Safaris far from Kalahari, ferried souls to hari-kari

Buried bodies whole in the North Pole of Gamma Pyree

We whistle missile throws, killin’ Dolos for Big Brother Bazi

Willingly we kamikaze, wrapping gauze on eyes we lie with

Bemoaning the low moans of kizee genomes

Dying in dirt that’s not our own; we the ETs, phoning home

Knick knack, Silverback

M-TACs attack on red bespeckled tarmacs

Tracking tanks and Taters, engines sound like Lordly Vader

Baiters evade our radar, power-posed, yet bleak

Flowers rank with lilac reek, they seek, towers without shrieks

Sneaking up and leaking all their power-gas, we wreak

The fate of poor Wonezzin, the madness of Heir Y’ov, the meek

Inherit cracking armor, creaking bones are breaking on the flanks

Banks stuffed full of barrels, hours lift to blanket death

Breathe your last breath

E’dolo be Macduff, to mother Bazi’s sad Macbeth

Imma lay down this lonely road I see

Kizee eyes are drillin’ fees into my irises

We trapped between a crew of cubai Kodiaks

And broken promises of the New Yezzi’zan Pact

Knick knack, Silverback

Don’t melt me with your gas attack

Soon, soon, soon, soon

Soon maroon plumes

Shoot the doomed moons

Tubes with root rooms

Face the boom tombs

Clones give lone moans

Brays in fake wombs

Farse, these fake plays

Just like the old days

May the ailed pray

And die another day

Knick knack, Silverback

Ailed alien men bail, stabbing cousins in the back

The nay-sayers play the same games that they

Know that we know, that we know no ends, Lord

Kuveza aish Bezzugin, in we jump into the fray

Bye, Bye, Bazi; they and E’dolo go where we’ve all gone before

The cracking soil cackles, we sink back into the moor

Paddywhack attack us with the eleven ‘n twelve-bores

We’ve all sunk down together into a newer Black War