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Racoon beanie

Stylish sunglasses

Homegrown beard (feat. mustache)

Not wearing a hoodie (surprising)


Danny Walker ("Deej") has been a writer most of his life (he remembers a story he wrote in elementary school about an other-worldly zoo), but Quantum Marmalade is his first major project. He hails from the City of Angels and currently resides in Hartford, CT, where his primary job is to inform his two cats that they have sufficient amounts of food in their bowls, and for them to vehemently disagree with him.

Deej studied Political Science and Economics in college and grad school, and worked in academia and international development (evidence here) before moving to the much more exciting world of insurance analytics. He now frequently uses the acronym "B2B." He has no idea what it means.

In addition to Quantum Marmalade, Deej likes to write short stories, usually in the genres of sci-fi or speculative fiction. You can check them out on the "Other Stuff" page.

Deej had leftover bread sticks for breakfast.


Badass sword

Also a cool beanie

Skull belt buckle (very stylish)


Portfolio (Behance): behance.net/thsorig

Portfolio (Artstation): artstation.com/thsorig

Instagram: instagram.com/thsorig

Marc ("Thsorig") is a character designer and all-around kick-ass artist. He has worked on several projects and commissions, including a story in post-apocalyptic Barcelona.

Marc is from Barcelona and we're all very jealous of this fact.

Marc hopes to someday have sunglasses from Kelfis Pyree, like the character Linda.

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Website: micahletterscomics.com

Comixology page: comixology.com/Micah-Myers/comics-creator/197676

Instagram: instagram.com/micah_myers

Email: micahmyers84@gmail.com

Micah is a professional letterer who has worked on stories and books for Image, Dark Horse, Devil’s Due, Heavy Metal, Aspen, Starburns, Scout, Darby Pop, and tons of others. He is the letterer of WYRD for Dark Horse and Olympia for Image. Also, he has lettered a lot of Kickstarter comics including Tom Ward’s and Luke Parker’s Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman and Chris Sebela’s and Gavin Guidry’s The Death Defying. He has worked on comics with Mark Bertolini, Shane Berryhill, Hoyt Silva, Curt Pires, Cullen Bunn, Josh Blaylock, JT Krul, Chris Sebela, Curt Pires, and many more. He is always looking to work with more creators. Feel free to email him at the address above!

Micah also occasionally does none-lettering comics work. He started a pro wrestling anthology, Kayfabe (three volumes available on DriveThru Comics), in which he worked with a bunch of comic creators who also share his love of wrestling. Also, he has ventured into writing his own comic series -- The Disasters -- about a D-list supervillain team that accidentally kill a superhero. On sale now over at Comixology!



Fiverr account: fiverr.com/boknoykatok

Comixology page: comixology.com/Reinhard-Boknoy-Buhisan/comics-creator/253251

Boknoy is a graphic designer from the Philippines with over a decade of experience. Recently, he's been working exclusively as a comic book letterer for a few independent writers from all over the world. His love for photography and anime has also expanded his range to become a cosplay photographer.


He also plays electric guitar.

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Instagram: instagram.com/drawniels

Daniels is a Venezuelan artist based in Santiago de Chile. He is in love with traditional art, so his goal when painting is to maintain a traditional essence within the digital world.


Daniels loves lasagna.