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A sci-fi action comedy series about cyborgs, aliens, and the power of friendship. Also, there are pastries.



On the backwater alien planet of Ee’ezzo, a madman has created a jelly-filled chemical weapon capable of destroying even the most advanced cybernetic soldiers – A-9s. We follow several A-9s as they seek to stop this psychopath, while also learning the other-worldly origins of the chemical weapon itself.

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Care Bear Stare

[29/29 pages free]


Baba Ghanoush

Knick Knack, Silverback

The Face Hamster

[31/31 pages free]

[34/34 pages free]

[21/32 pages free]

cover book danny-4 EL RATON.jpg

The Sasquatch

[12/33 pages free]

cover book danny-5 TIVAZ V2.jpg


[7/32 pages free]

Part 1 -- That.jpg

That ...

[Now on Patreon!]

Part 2-- Care Bear Beware.jpg

Care Bear Beware

In production!

In production!


Train to Valhalla



On another planet called Mega, whispers of a bygone, heretical terrorist resurface and three Kilveshrak warrior-priests must investigate, the vitality of their faith now at risk. (Stories occur in the same universe and are tangentially related.)

In production!

Robots 'N Tater Tots

In production!

What's New, Pussycat?

In production!

In production!

Lemon Zest

Pomegranate Liqueur



Our Patreon is the best way you can support the Marmalade Team! For just $3/ month, you get access to all previous chapters. And starting at $5/ month, you get to see 6 brand new pages every week.

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Or, if you'd rather purchase the full chapters directly, you can find them on Amazon (KDF Kindle format). Note: This is more expensive than the Patreon.

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For PHYSICAL copies of the graphic novel, we run Kickstarter campaigns 1-2 times/ year. Be sure to support our Patreon and/ or follow us on social media to know when the next Kickstarter campaign is launching. You'll have access to print copies, as well as other awesome goodies -- in the past we've produced t-shirts, art prints, posters, stickers, and even temporary tattoos.

(Chapter 4 Kickstarter planned for ~June 2024)

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(past campaigns)

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