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A sci-fi action comedy series about cyborgs, aliens, and the power of friendship. Also, there are pastries.



On the backwater alien planet of Ee’ezzo, a madman has created a chemical weapon capable of destroying even the most advanced cybernetic soldiers – A-9s. We follow several A-9s as they seek to stop this psychopath, while also learning the other-worldly origins of the chemical weapon itself. Meanwhile, on another planet called Mega, whispers of a bygone, anti-religious terrorist resurface and three Kilveshrak warrior-priests must investigate, the vitality of their faith now at risk.

(read all 30 pages!!)


(first 10 pages)

Chapter 3, Part 1

cover book danny-4 EL RATON.jpg

The Sasquatch

(first 10 pages)

Chapter 1, Part 2


Baba Ghanoush

(first 5 pages)

Chapter 3, Part 2

cover book danny-5 TIVAZ V2.jpg


(first 10 pages)

Chapter 2, Part 1


Chapter 4, Part 1


That ...

(first 10 pages)

Chapter 2, Part 2

The Face Hamster

Chapter 4, Part 2


Care Bear Beware


Chapters 1-2 are now available on Amazon! -->

KDF format -- readable on Kindle devices and/ or the Kindle app

Each chapter is ~60 pages

(Physical copies not yet available, but we're working on it!)

Also, Chapter 3 coming soon!

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You can also purchase digital copies from our new Etsy store! -->

PDF format


Check out our most recent KS campaign
Click here -->

The campaign is now finished, but you can still purchase digital copies of Chapters 1-3 on our Amazon pages (above), or from Etsy.

We're unsure if we'll do another KS for Chapter 4 (currently in production), but you can join our mailing list and/ or follow us on Insta to keep up to date!

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