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The Long Dark (feat. concept art preview)

Hey everyone! TL;DR: Comic art preview + I wrote a broody sci-fi short story


Hey guys, so I entered this fiction writing contest and I wrote a broody, Margaret Atwood-inspired short story called The Long Dark. Here's the link if you want to read it :) (estimated reading time -- 5 minutes)


(And you can check out some of my other short stories here)

This doesn't have anything to do with my comic book, and it's a completely different tone (Quantum Marmalade's tone is somewhere between Futurama and ... some kind of Dune parody film? Does that exist? I guess Sting -- yes, the actual Sting -- was in a 1984 version of Dune, so that's kind of a parody by its very existence? This parenthetical has gotten out of hand ...). ANYWAY, I'd love for you to read the above story and let me know what you think.

And beyond that, I wanted to announce that I've been working with a new artist on Quantum Marmalade! We've signed a contract for him to work on the first two chapters: Prologue, Parts 1 & 2! I'm really excited to be developing this stuff and for you guys to read it. Again, my goal is to start releasing pages around October of this year.

His style is really gritty, which gives the world an excellent "used universe" vibe. You're all familiar with Roach by this point, so I wanted to show you her new look; here's the new Roach:

OMG IS SHE BADASS OR WHAT?? Really excited about this design. I think it really fits her character and gives her an edge that delightfully contrasts with her bad jokes and obsession with the Rocky film franchise (fun fact: her favorite Rocky film is Rocky XXIV: The Italian Stallion Battalion).

Also, here is some other concept art from the Prologue chapters. I'm going to paste it in here without context or explanation, just to give you a teaser.

We feeling some Mad Max vibes? I love it :) The Prologue, Part 1 takes place in a desert, so I like how the art really exemplifies that. And Part 2 references a cafeteria and the myriad hash browns therein, so, you know ... I like breakfast.

Just a quick email this time, but now that the concept art and page art are in production, I'm looking forward to giving you guys more updates in the coming months. Be sure to follow my social media pages (links below) and be sure to reward yourself with your dessert of choice for reading this email. Or hash browns. Can you tell it's snack time?

Thanks again, everyone. Your support means a lot! I hope you're all staying healthy and safe.

Yours truly,

. Danny

Rocky film historian (films XIV - LXXXVI)

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